Many naturally occurring substances have very low solubility in water.
Any nutrient or substance, in order to display its properties in the body, must be able to cross physiological membranes; these may be crossed only by substances dissolved in physiological liquids – which in turn are composed mostly of water.

Therefore, to be effective a substance must be soluble in water.

A soluble substance may cross the physiological membranes and be assimilated and bioavailable.

Bio-availability is the percentage of administered dose that actually reaches the various districts of the organism (the rest is excreted): high bioavailability is therefore the fundamental condition for an active ingredient to be effective.

We developed and industrialized in our laboratories several technological platforms, whose goal is to improve performance of ingredients, mainly of natural origin, WITHOUT USING solvents.

This improvement is due to the association with other substances, with different technological properties, which impart different and improved properties with respect to the starting material.

Our technology allows a double advantage:

  • The chemical characteristics, which the type of activity is dependent on, remain unchanged.
  • The physico-chemical properties (e.g. solubility, dissolution rate, solubilization kinetic, stability, flavor ...), from which depends bioavailability, are improved.