Rhodiola rosea is found in mountain areas of Siberia, where it is able to survive the long and rigid winters, but also at high altitudes and even in polar regions. The ethnobotanical traditional use of Rhodiola rosea to keep "health, vitality, longevity and vigor of the human organism" goes back many thousands of years.

In modern times, since the 50s, numerous studies have been carried out to establish the scientific fundamentals of the use of this adaptogenic plant (a term coined in 1947 by the Russian pharmacologist N.V.Lazarev, which defines adaptogen "a natural agent that can increase the strength and adaptability of the organism to stressing agents and adverse conditions of whatever origin").

Studies have covered various aspects with some very interesting results:

  • Reduction in the impact of stressful feelings
  • Increase of mnemonic capacities
  • Increased endurance
  • Facilitation of metabolism normalization after exercise



Rosavis is an Asoltech product based on a dry extract of Rhodiola rosea, associated with materials selected for their physical and chemical properties and treated with SOL-MEX technology.

Rosavis allows the passage in solution of active components of Rhodiola in concentrations otherwise unreachable.
Experimental tests on stressed neuronal cells-conducted in collaboration with the University of Trieste-helped in quantify the activity increase of Rhodiola contained in Rosavis with respect to native extract

The activity was measured in terms of the production of ATP, the high-energy compound required by the vast majority of metabolic reactions.


Stability of ROSAVIS was evaluated in 2 ICH conditions (25° C + 60% RH and 40° C + 75% RH) and under normal storage conditions; it resulted perfectly stable for all considered parameters. To date we reached 36 months of retest date from date of manufacture


Rosavis properties can be exploited using the ingredient in products designed for different target groups.

For example, Rosavis can be formulated with synergistic ingredients to design products useful as adjuvants in situations of:

  • general fatigue
  • intense efforts (e.g. sport)
  • asthenia
  • psychological stress (e.g. smoking cessation, overwork, emotional eating...)
  • mood swings (e.g. diets, menopause, ...)

PDF - A-Data Sheet Rosavis

PDF - Allergen Certificate Rosavis