about us

Asoltech operates in the innovation sector for nutritional, nutraceutical, nutricosmetic and cosmeceutical fields

Our main activities consist in

Research and development:

  • identifying natural active substances with special features useful to the body
  • studying them to verify their quality and investigate any problems which may affect their bioavailability
  • applying our technologies to optimize solubility/absorption and therefore the activities of such substances
  • verifying the improvements with physico-chemical tests and in vitro and in vivo studies

Production and quality control

  • industrializing the best results of our R & D, producing several hundred of kilograms of optimized ingredients/year
  • checking reproducibility of results on each batch in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Asoltech operates according to HACCP and is duly authorized to the production of food ingredients (authorization nr. 126-12.07.2004, implemented 03.03.2011 – Reg. Nr IT 0610102851)